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Tabuk Region

2017 - Completed
Project Type: Planning | Geography: Saudi Arabia

A 26,500 SKM region with spectacular array of natural assets – ranging from coral reef, magnificent sand dunes, and oasis valleys to rocky mountains often snow capped during the winter is  –  is being transformed into series of “futuristic” hubs that shall catapult the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia [KSA] into a world stage of prominent economic powerhouses.

The physical development supporting 7 major economic sectors, with tourism being one of the prominent drivers, are conglomerated in the form of compact hubs that would minimize the disruption of the pristine landscape while preserving and enhancing its unique qualities – geography, climate and heritage [natural and cultural]. Looking beyond the existing sustainable paradigms, the strategies identify deployment of future technologies [associated with mobility, energy, farming and water management to further reduce the environmental footprint while decreasing the capital expenses and operating costs of such an ambitious undertaking. Ten overarching development principles respond to 5 major challenges associated with the initiative:
a. Size and diversity of the site;
b. Value creation [economics];
c. Value integration [infrastructure];
d. Life-style;and
e. Identity

Design Director: Kiran Mathema
Project Team: Rohit CN Kashyap, George Levit, Susan Yeung