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Jiang Su, Shanghai Metro

2015 - Design
Project Type: Education | Geography: China

With an enrollment of over 1500 students, the campus is scaled into three interconnected courtyard buildings – one for kindergarten and two for junior and high schools. The sports fields are located away from the building cluster – on the southern corner of the site, integrating with the town’s larger network of open spaces and recreational grounds.

Rooted in local town planning principles where water bodies are at the center of community, the existing ponds are preserved and enhanced to become a center of social, ecological and recreational activities. The three courtyard blocks inspired from vernacular housing typology are placed along the network of existing ponds. The alignment of existing ponds coincides with the southeast summer breeze. The open spaces of various scales are interconnected to create breeze ways during summer. The portion of the buildings facing the prevailing wind direction are carved out to allow the breeze to permeate into the courtyard. In contrast the courtyards are shielded from winter winds originating from northeast – making these centralized open space conducive to use during all seasons.

The building form and massing also responds to solar orientation so that all open spaces, including courtyards receive adequate winter sun while providing ample covered spaces for social gatherings and events. The roof form is designed to channel water towards the existing ponds as a storm water management strategy

The site planning ideas is combined with the architecture and landscape design to create an open and inviting place for learning that is socially engaging, culturally grounded, and environmentally responsive.

Kindergarten and Middle School
Overall Built-up Area: 317,635 SF
Academic Program: 60,700 SF
Sports and Recreation: 34,200 SF

Design Director: Kiran Mathema
Project Team: Qian Li, Jiyuan Zhang, Junhao Jiang, Qin Kai, Mandira Sareen