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Kathmandu, Nepal

2012 - Ongoing
Project Type: Residential | Geography: Nepal

Hill View is a boutique development in Kathmandu Valley with 4 townhouses overlooking terraced farmlands and panoramic western hills of the Valley. The development comprises two major areas – an arrival court at the upper level, next to the main road, and a vehicle-free townhouse zone on the lower terrace which provides a safe area for children to play.

Besides opening to magnificent views, each house is oriented to respond to solar and wind directions. Stacked over 3.5 floors, the majority of the rooms receive full winter sun and summer breeze through walls that are glazed and have operable windows. In contrast, wall on the north face are mostly solid to protect the interior from winter winds – barring limited operable windows necessary for cross-ventilation.

On the inside, spaces are meticulously designed to feel open and airy while ensuring privacy from neighbors. A central staircase visually and physically connects all levels, and also functions as a chimney – moving the hot air out to the top. The roof terrace includes a sit-out space and outdoor jacuzzi where the family can enjoy the panorama in full privacy. This development redefines luxury without compromising sustainability.

Land area: 14,804 SF
Built-up area: 19,914‬ SF
Unit Type: 2-4 BHK Row House

Design Director: Kiran Mathema
Consultant Team: Ajaya Mathema, Dipesh Shrestha, Sabin Chakradhar.