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Madina Region

2018 - Completed
Project Type: Planning | Geography: Saudi Arabia

Al Ula, a 23,301 SQM region in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is an ancient crossroads of one of the lead initiatives of KSA’s Vision 2030. This region is a hidden jewel in north western Saudi Arabia. A historic location that spans millennia, it has evidence of major civilizations dating more than 4,000 years to the first millennium BC, including most notably the Lihyan and the Nabataean kingdoms. Al Ula valley is a place of extraordinary human and natural heritage and a natural crossroads and saw bustling commercial centers develop along what became the Incense Route from Southern Arabia. In line with the Vision 2030, that provides an opportunity for all, a tolerant Country welcoming to everyone, MAP has been involved in the strategic planning, and tourism development of Al Ula.

Design Director: Kiran Mathema
Project Team: Rohit CN Kashyap, Sam Jacobs, Susan Yeung